Frequently Asked Questions


Ticket Questions

Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?

Yes, advance ticket purchase is required. Tours typically sell out quickly. To maximize your chance of getting the date, time, and number of tickets you prefer, please book well in advance. 

Can I get a refund or reschedule my tickets?
Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded or rescheduled because your space is being guaranteed on the tour. Our tours often sell out. No partial credits or rescheduling is allowed for partial attendance, no shows, or late arrivals. It is your responsibility to show up at the right location, on time. The tours depart promptly at the advertised time.

If a tour is sold out, can I get on a waiting list?
We do not provide a waiting list. If a date and time is sold out, there is always a chance that we will add an additional tour on that day. Please email us to let us know what date you are interested in.

Do you offer discounted tickets for children and seniors?

Currently we do not offer any discounted tickets for children and seniors.

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Tour details

Are there any age restrictions?
Children are welcome on the tour, but please bear in mind that some children have a limited attention span and therefore a 90 minute tour may not be appropriate for them. Parents know their children best and should assess the situation individually. Since there is a lot of standing and walking please consider this when deciding whether the tours are appropriate for your child.

Also, the tours require a certain level of physical stamina. We are on our feet for approximately 90 minutes. There are no hills or stairs on the walking tours.

How physically fit do I need to be to enjoy this tour?
Tours walk at an easy pace and cover less than two miles of walking. Our tours are generally appropriate for all ages and fitness levels, but please use your best judgment. We are on our feet for approximately 90 minutes.

Do the tours have anything to offer a native New Yorker?
Definitely! Many of our attendees live right here in New York. Locals often join us to learn about the great buildings and architecture in the “Heart of Wall Street” The financial district is brimming with lively tales and history that you will be surprised by! This tour is a fantastic way to rediscover your own hometown. Many locals also discover many new restaurants and bars on the tours.

Do the tours start and end at the same place?

The tours end within a few blocks of the starting point. Your tour guide will be happy to assist with directions at the end of the tour.

What happens if it rains?

History happened in the rain as well. The tours are held rain or shine. You should dress appropriately for the day’s weather conditions and bring an umbrella if necessary.

Are bathrooms available during the tours?
There are no bathrooms stops on the tours. However, there are several public bathrooms in the area and we strongly recommend that you use the facilities before meeting up for the tour.

Is smoking allowed on the tour?

The tours maintain a no-smoking policy.

Does the tour guide accept gratuities?

Gratuities are greatly appreciated, although not mandatory.

Are cameras allowed on the tours?

Yes! In fact, we strongly encourage participants to take photos during the tour. However, we do not allow video cameras or tape recorders.

Are the tours accessible by baby stroller and wheelchair?
Yes! all the sidewalks (pavements)  have ramps and its one of the best areas in New York to visit by wheelchair or with a baby stroller.  We suggest to take a NYC Bus to Downtown, as a wheelchair can travel on all the NYC transit buses.

Are tours offered only in English?

Yes, we only offer tours in English at this time. Tours can be offered in German with prior arrangement. Please email us or call if you would like to make arrangements for your own interpreter to join the tour.

Can you customize a tour to suit my needs or interests?
Absolutely! Email your interests to and we'll create a tour to suit your needs.

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Getting to the Tour Meeting Point / Wall Street

Which subway do I take to Wall Street?
Wall Street stop on the 2, 3, 4 or 5 train. 

Broad Street stop on the J, M. 

Rector Street stop on the R, W.
Broadway-Nassau Street / Fulton Street stop on the A, C.

Which bus do I take to Wall Street?
M1, M6, M9, M15, M22 & M103 all stop in the area.

Is there parking nearby the tour meeting point?

Yes, there are a few parking facilities around the area. Parking in Manhattan is expensive and public transportation is highly recommended.


What is the difference between the History of Wall Street Tour and the Stock Market History Tour? 
When we started doing tours of the Financial District, our tour was called the "Stock Market History Tour." After a while, we realized we also covered some American and Revolutionary War history, as it all tied together. It's impossible to talk about one and ignore the other. Thus, we renamed our tour the "History of Wall Street Tour" to more fully describe the scope of the tour.

What is Wall Street? 
Wall Street is the one block square area of downtown New York around the New York Stock Exchange (the Stock Market) and around Wall Street.

Where did Wall Street get its name? 
Wall Street is located on the site of an old wall which protected the northern edge of the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam in the 1600s. Click here to see a map.

How do I know if this tour is for me? 
If you are interested in history, the stock market, trade or just curious about Wall Street, you will enjoy this tour.

Can I book a private tour? 
Yes, private tours are available for individuals, families, companies and small and large groups. More detailed information can be found on private tours here.

Are gift certificates available?
Yes, Wall Street Walks gift certificates are available for purchase online! Just visit our shop.

Do we go inside the stock exchange?
Unfortunately not! Since 9/11 security is strict and the NYSE public gallery has been closed.

Do your tour guides accept gratuities?
Yes they do! It is customary in the United States to tip service professionals such as waiters, cab drivers and tour guides as a way of thanking them for good service.

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